I can’t wait for the DVD!

But I have to and so do you.  Don’t worry with RedBox,  get this one for yourself.

I wonder if there will be a sequel?  Remember when all the critics were whining about sketchy character plots?  They wanted to know the history of Henley and Atlas.  They wanted lots more of that.

airplane 2

All we got was that great scene on the plane when Merritt played by Woody Harrelson was hitting on Henley played by Isla Fisher.

After seeing that three times it donned on me that that conversation might have been part of the plot the horsemen were working on Arthur played by the debonair Michael Caine.

I do hope there is a sequel.  That would be fun, but if you are looking for answers from the Four Horsemen for all the questions this movie raises you shall only see them ride away,  which leads me to my next movie review,

Hi Ho Silver!  The Lone Ranger is next.  You guys do want me to do another, right?  Ask and you shall receive.  Leave a comment and tell me if you like these movie blogs.


Last weekend to see ‘Now You See Me’ movie

From bubble tricks to car chases to an amazing plot and a twist at the end.

Don’t miss this one on the Big Screen.

I went for seconds and I’m going again this weekend.

There is nothing better than a matinee on a hot Saturday in central Texas.

Bring on that popcorn.

And the milk duds, please.

Have a great summer everyone and make it the coolest by seeing this movie.

a Common appetizer

Rapper Common was guest featured in  this movie ‘Now You See Me’.

I noticed several viewers came to my website following his image,  so since it was such an enjoyable task at hand to get a few more images for your viewing pleasure I decided to give him his own page.  Click on Common in the top page browser to view his page.

Don’t listen to the critics, enjoy your weekend.

Why do we listen to movie critics?  Those bitter sour pusses,   what exactly do they want from movie makers?  Has any one of them ever once made a movie you would want to see?

And more importantly,  why doesn’t Tim Burton ever comb his hair?

tim burton

I don’t care that Tim never combs his hair,  it’s just something I wonder about.

He looks like he just got off his couch and started making movies and thank the Lord for that.

Now back to the movie at hand,  no spoiler alerts here.  Don’t read them.  Just go enjoy yourself.  You will if you go.

Now You See Me

air flashlight

We saw it!!!!!!!!

air isla cheering audience air woody touches hat air dave franco air jesse with instructions

The good news is this is one of the greatest,   if not the greatest heist movie ever!!

And now for the bad news,

pink umbrella transparent

The photography buzzes and blurs through the New Orleans and New York scene and as far as I could tell,  no extras had any focus shots at all.

No pink umbrellas in any shot and the rain shot is the first scene of the movie,   it was all a blur,  Jazzy Fosho was there though,  first scene,  New Orleans.


There was no pausing for any of this.

jazz with cig

The movie runs  at a fast pace with loads of action and death defying stunts.

Our favorite surprise is when rapper Common shows up.

air violin player

Who knew he could do comedy!


Morgan Freeman behind the scenes from the movie 'Now You See Me'.

Morgan Freeman behind the scenes in ‘Now You See Me’.

What movie could go wrong with having Morgan Freeman narrate.   A brilliant stroke of genius casting him as the debunker.

the Four Horsemen on stage in 'Now You See Me' Isla Fisher, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, and Dave Franco.

the Four Horsemen on stage in ‘Now You See Me’

The four flashy horsemen and the plot.

You can try to follow the plot and you still won’t figure it out until they want to reveal it and they do because they must because it’s never a good show until the audience is in on it.

air audience

That’s why soap operas are so popular.  Usually the audience is in on something one or more of the characters is not in on.

jean cooper gets manicure from Jill's Jess Walton

Oh I’m sorry.   Is this too old school for you?

air old school

But you’ll never be in or on this plot until they want you to be.

I can’t wait to see a second round.   I wonder if knowing the outcome will make it a funner movie but I can tell you all the dvd is going in my collection.

Jazzy Fosho appearing in 'Now You See Me' the movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, and Michael Caine.

I particularly like Jesse Eisenberg in this role.   He was cast perfectly and is totally believable that he has the kind of focus required to play a Magician of this Caliber.

Ah,  now that is something I can talk about,

The Eye of Horus.

air eye of horus

I’ll admit I am not totally up on all my studies in the Egyptian deities,  but I know Hermes and Horus were gods.  Ye Gods.  It probably all has to do with those aliens living on the Peruvian mountains or the other ones that have taken up residency in the waters,

spooky house

I don’t know where they are but I know they are called USO’s.

I used to date this guy who is currently a MUFON.

Keep Austin Weird and this movie is weird,  so go see it.

See,   there goes that spoiler alert thing,  so I can’t tell you about the carousel.

Or the plot leading us to the carousel.

air carousel

But I can research this ‘ Eye of Horus’  thing.  Our resident lesbian says to start with Hermes.    She said that would be a really smart place to start.

air eye of horus tattoo

The movie describes ‘the Eye of Horus’ as being a class of magicians in Egypt who used slight of hand and illusion to steal from the tables of the Kings to give to the poor,  an Egyptian Robin Hood theme and that fits our horsemen perfectly.

eye of horus pyramid and pharoh with eye on hand


It’s a dark movie with dark photography and I saw it in a dark theater.

air mark ruffalo laughs

So should you.